Benefits of using alkalized water!

May 23, 2017 - Galey Hanna

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Do you drink a lot of water?  Did you know that even if you do, depending on what kind of water you drink you may not even be completely hydrated?  According to Physicians, 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated.  In a 2015 survey of 3,003 Americans, 75% were dehydrated even though they drank an average of 8 servings of hydrated beverages per day.  Hydration was countered by caffeinated drinks, alcohol and high sodium foods.

The most common symptom of dehydration is fatigue and the most common factor to middle of the day fatigue.  Brain fog, lack of concentration, and irritability are also huge symptoms of dehydration.  Confusion and lack of concentration as well as feelings of anxiety and irritability have been noted in recent studies in younger americans who were dehydrated.  Kidney stones are also more common in those who are chronically dehydrated.  Dehydration triggers thirst.  When you are thirsty the body is already showing the beginning signs of dehydration.  Sadly, many people confuse hunger with thirst.  Many will go grab an unhealthy snack when in fact, a glass of healthy water will satiate hunger.

What type of water are you drinking?  Tap water? Bottled water?  Filtered water? Not all waters are healthy.  Many bottled waters are taken from city water supplies that are high in chemicals and acid content.  The body needs to be alkaline, not acidic.  Studies are showing that it is harder for bodies to host many diseases if their body is less acidic and more alkaline.  Dangerous toxins from plastic water bottles can also leak into your water which is unknown what unhealthy possibilities could occur with this.  Tap water has many contaminates such as: fluoride, chlorine, lead, mercury, arsenic and many others.  One study in the New York Times said that tap water has contributed to skin rashes, burns, diseases, and allergies.  An Associated Press investigation claimed that data from the EPA revealed nearly one out of every five schools investigated violated drinking water standards in the last ten years.  Avoid waters with fluoride.  Recent studies have shown that fluoride in drinking water is unnecessary and does nothing to help teeth stay strong as topical fluoride is more effective.

How much water to drink?  The 8 glasses of water a day is a myth.  In truth, you need to drink half of your body weight in ounces.  So, if you weigh 140, you should drink 70 oz. per day.  It is also not good to guzzle water in one sitting.  Sipping water through the day will ensure absorption into the body and less trips to the bathroom.  You should increase water intake if you sweat a lot or consume a lot of beverages such as alcohol and sodas.  Room temperature water is also easier to digest and easier on the digestive system than cold water.  

What is the best type of water for consumption?  More and more people are learning about ionized and alkaline water and the benefits of it.  Ionized water holds more antioxidants because of a higher hydrogen content therefore destroying free radicals in the body that make us sick.  The less acidic your drinking water is, the better.  Recent studies are showing that ionized water consumption can slow the growth of tumors  by preventing the growth of blood vessels to the tumors.  Studies have also shown that ionized water has reduced cancer cells in Leukemia patients.  There is also evidence that ionized water slows down aging, helps digestive problems, IBS, ulcers, and some degenerative problems.  Be careful to choose ionized alkaline water and not just plain alkaline water that can be bought in bottles in grocery stores.

Finally, ionized water hydrates much better than regular tap water or bottled water because of the smaller molecules in the water which hydrate the body better.  Ionized water definitely tastes better as well which will contribute to higher water intake!

To bring this full circle, ionized water combined with Electrical Medicine can contribute to MANY health benefits…..


Benefits of Using Alkalized Water and Electric Therapy Together

By Electrical Medicine Therapy on Incline

Galey Hanna