Benefits of Weight Loss

May 3, 2017 - Galey Hanna

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I have been in the fitness/wellness industry since I was 23 years old, now 47.  I have been so blessed to help people in their weight loss, exercise, and wellness journeys over the years.   I have been so excited to see clients get stronger, become more fit, increase flexibility,  gain more muscle, and yes…lose weight.  I have trained clients getting ready to do their physical testing for entrance to the FBI.  I have trained clients just wanting to lose weight.  I have trained clients after losing tremendous amounts of weight from weight loss surgery.  It has been an amazing career that I have been so grateful to be a part of and part of peoples lives and journeys to improve themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.

One of the most common achievements clients have wanted to make was, of course, weight loss; to lose weight and keep it off.  Such an elusive goal for so many.  What is the next effective weight loss pill?  What is the next crazy exercise machine that ends up sitting in the corner collecting dust and doubling as a clothes hanger?  The next protein shake?  The next gimmick so that I don’t have to exercise.  Truth is… for weight loss, it is 70% diet and 30% activity.  Can people work out a lot and eat anything they want and still keep thin?  Yes, but that isn’t the norm.  What is the new diet trend?  Do I eat carbs or not?  Fats or not?  Good fats? Bad fats?  Should I count calories?  Should I count fat grams?  Count carbs?  Should I exercise in the morning or night?  What about saunas and sweating the weight out?  Eggs or no eggs?  Should I not eat egg yolks?  What about olive oil compared to coconut oil?  Is running good for you or actually bad for you?  You have NO IDEA how many “studies” about food, weight loss, diet, and exercise I have seen over the years and how many “new studies” will contradict what “they” said the previous year about the same subject.

Bottom line is, people want to lose weight.  The obesity rates have skyrocketed the last few years.  Poor nutrition, cheap foods, low income families making poor food choices, all can contribute to keeping people at an unhealthy weight.  If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. The benefits of weight loss, such as reduction of the chance of developing certain diseases can be achieved even with just the smallest amount of weight loss…5% to 10%.  Most importantly, most people say that they just feel better.  Feeling better is half of the battle.  Other benefits of weight loss include:  getting around better, able to breathe better, sleep improves, less aches and pains.  Back pain can be significantly reduced through weight loss and exercise.  The development of diabetes can be significantly reduced after just a 10% reduction in weight.  If a person has high blood pressure with a high body weight, that can be reduced.  Those with asthma have noticed an improvement in their breathing after weight loss.

How do I go about losing weight that wont depress me?  I have heard that a lot.  Deprivation is never fun, sometimes necessary but never fun.  Exercise for some clients with extremely high BMI can be scary as well as dangerous when not properly supervised.  And, lets face it, eating kale every day just stinks.  I, personally, love kale but that isn’t the norm.  It is an acquired taste.  One thing that I have noticed in myself and others is when proper nutrition is practiced like low fat meats, HIGH daily vegetable intake combined with very low sugar and processed foods…it starts to become the craved foods of choice.  That greasy cheeseburger may taste good after a couple weeks eating healthy but wow, it can sure disagree with your digestive system.  Switching over to nutrient dense foods is one of the best things anyone can do for their health and for weight loss/maintaining weight.

Electrical Medicine can help aid in weight loss along with proper nutrition and exercise.   First of all, Electrical Medicine helps reduce or eliminate pain.  When someone is in pain they do not want to exercise.  With stimulation of the vagus nerve to relieve pain, the body can return to normal function and exercise.  Movement is healing.  Like the popular commercial says, “A body in motion tends to stay in motion.  A body at rest tends to stay at rest.”  It is the truth, the more we protect our bodies from movement because of pain, the more harm we do to ourselves.  The more we move, the more calories we burn.  Walking is one of the most effective exercises for weight loss.

Electrical Medicine combined with alkalized water is also very useful for weight loss.  Alkalized water can restore the proper function of the stomach and intestines.  When your stomach and intestines don’t function properly, they cant absorb nutrients which causes weight gain.  When a body doesn’t absorb the proper nutrients from a healthy diet, it becomes more hungry than it should, causing weight gain.  Getting rid of poisons/toxins in the body can also improve mental well being which will also make someone more likely to exercise and do things that are healthy for themselves.  An overall healthy combination of diet, exercise, mental and spiritual wellbeing with benefits from natural healing are what the body needs to achieve weight loss, healthy living, and optimum health.

Assisting Weight Loss Through The Use Of Electrical Medicine

By Electrical Medicine Therapy on Incline

Galey Hanna