Carpal Tunnel

May 16, 2017 - Galey Hanna

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Carpal tunnel syndrome is a disorder where pressure occurs on the median nerve in the wrist producing very painful results in the hand and wrist.  Symptoms include numbness, pain (especially at night), and the feeling of pins and needles.  Pregnancy, repetitive movements and arthritis, anything that can cause swelling in the wrist can cause carpal tunnel.  When pressure in the wrist becomes too high from movement or arthritis it presses on the nerve, therefore causing symptoms of carpal tunnel.  The median nerve can also be compressed elsewhere as in the neck, causing swelling and swelling in the wrist which can also cause symptoms of carpal tunnel.  Healthy nerves have axoplasmic fluid which supplies the nerves with nutrients.  If the nerve becomes highly compressed the flow of nutrients lessons or gets shut off to the area as well causing carpal tunnel.  When the source of carpal tunnel is somewhere else in the body like the neck or anywhere in the spine sometimes unnecessary surgery results.  Hormonal factors as in women who are pregnant or menopausal can cause symptoms of carpal tunnel.  Occupations where someone might utilize gripping or vibrating tools are a hazard for carpal tunnel as well.

Finding treatment for carpal tunnel that really works for long term relief has eluded many suffers.  Many will find themselves opting for surgery when many other conservative measures have failed.  Sadly, many doctors and patients alike have reported over recent years that surgery for carpal tunnel has been almost ineffective.  More and more patients are turning to more alternative methods for relieving pain from carpal tunnel.  Obviously, someone who is a new sufferer to the disorder with symptoms occurring for only a few months are more likely to get relief from alternative methods more so than someone who has suffered for years.  That is why exploring alternative methods early on is extremely important to pain relief and healing.

Exercise and acupuncture therapy has been producing great results in many patients but what they are finding is those things combined with microcurrent therapy and Electrical medicine has yielded the best outcome.  They are using Electrical Medicine to help with nerve regeneration after surgery so why not use it to heal the median nerve compression that causes carpal tunnel?  Electrical Medicine is actually USED for nerve re-education.  It helps reduce back pain, TMJ pain, pain from sports injuries, joint stiffness and promotes relaxation.  Lower voltage units as in a TENS unit may be used but for greater healing and relief Electrical Medicine may be used at home with a prescription as well as at WAR Clinics.  Two electrodes can be placed on the affected muscles or nerves to promote healing and ease pain immediately and over the long term.  Electrical Medicine interferes with pain signals as well as stimulates the area to allow nerve healing, oxygen, and nutrients to get back to the area.

Galey Hanna