Exercise Is a MUST!

April 19, 2017 - Galey Hanna

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At the age of 24, shortly after my son was born, I embarked on a fitness adventure I did not foresee when I first walked into my first gym.  I thought going would give me something for me to do after having my son and they had childcare…a much needed morning break from kids.  I had always been active in high school in drill team and dance but had never entered a gym.  Shortly after those first old aerobics classes I was hooked and began to train to teach classes myself.  Twenty three years later, although retired from teaching classes and personal training, I am still active and work in a health related field.

I say all of that to explain how important staying active is  to me and should be to everyone.  I have always told my clients, friends, family…”DONT EVER STOP BEING ACTIVE”.  At 47 it hurts a little more to do what I used to however, it doesn’t keep me from it.  I believe that exercise, in any form, is the single most important thing a person can do to stay healthy and have a great quality of life; exercise and eating right.   If you stop being active and let older age win, you are doing yourself no favors and will regret it in the long run.  That couch can look really good at the end of the day but fight the urge to plop down until you know you have been active for at least an hour a day.  When you don’t exercise your blood pressure can increase, your cholesterol can go up and your bones, back, and joints can ache.   I am not talking about muscular soreness that can come from exercise, I am talking about the loss of structural integrity, flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination; all of those things diminish without activity.  Did you know that in obese individuals, those that never exercise, the muscle and fat marbleize like a steak?  There is no separation between muscle and fat.   Not good.  Muscles can start to atrophy, joints can stiffen and cause pain.  Basically, it is more painful to not exercise than to exercise.  Does it have to be all out, crazy, sweat drenched, sports or weight lifting?  No.  Running at high speeds or high impact activity?  No.  I always told my clients to do anything that made them happy and would want to do again.  Walking, yoga, swimming, riding bikes, fitness classes…anything you enjoy to keep moving.  The benefits of exercise are incredible…  Weight control, reduce cardiovascular disease, reduce diabetes, increase bone mass, increase heart function, elevate mood (it is a natural anti-depressant), strengthen muscles and increase daily ability to do activities, reduce the chance for some cancers, prevent falls, heal injuries, increase life span.  Why would anyone not want to exercise?

At WAR Clinic we have an exercise program to reduce or eliminate back pain.   It is a spine functional restoration program designed to strengthen muscles, reduce pressure on the spine, increase range of motion, increase flexibility, and increase injured areas with oxygen and nutrients that NEED to get to the small muscles of the spine.  People want a quick fix, Doctors want to prescribe a quick fix.  Injections, steroids, opiates, and sometimes unnecessary surgeries are things people try to reduce back pain .  My question is…why not try the most natural way to reduce pain? Through exercise and movement?!  God gave us our bodies to move and be active, not to waste away on a couch.  With WAR Clinic and Electrical Medicine pain can be significantly reduced or eliminated.   The “problem” is, the relief has to be worked for.  It doesn’t come over night.  Isn’t anything worth having worth the work?  One of my clients is 67 and has had 3 back surgeries.  His lower back is mostly metal.  He WORKED at physical therapy, stayed active in his job, and now comes to WAR Clinic 3 times a week.  I have not seen anyone before at that age, after 3 surgeries, as active as he is.  He wont stop, ever.  It is inspiring and he is reaping the benefits of his hard work.

I believe if you can move, even just a little, you can get better or at least mentally feel better.  Don’t stop moving, ever….  When I met Kenneth Cooper from Cooper Clinic one story he told me that has kept in my head for 23 years.  He knew a man who was a runner, he ran every day all of his adult life. One day, in his older years even with running and being active, he died from a heart attack and that was it.  I guess it sounds morbid but the moral of the story was that this man had a great quality of life and kept active until his 70s then, he died.  He didn’t waste away in a hospital or nursing home.  I want that to be my clients, the people I get to help, family members, and myself.


Galey Hanna