Helping Diabetics with Electrical Medicine

May 5, 2017 - Galey Hanna

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Diabetes is a disease that causes the blood glucose (sugar) levels to be too high.  Glucose comes from foods.  Insulin is a hormone in our bodies that helps cells receive glucose and give the cells and our bodies energy.  There are two types of diabetes.  Type 1 means the body cant produce insulin at all.  Type 2 means the body cant produce very well, it is slowed, or impared.  Without insulin the glucose stays in the body and can cause a myriad of symptoms.  Diabetes can damage nerves, kidneys, eyes.  Over long-term, diabetes can cause heart disease, serious weight gain, stroke and/or even the need to have an appendage or limb amputated as well as serious nerve pain.  It is a very serious illness that can have long-term consequences of even more serious diseases.

Over the last ten years the number of those living with diabetes has increased by 50%.  Over 380 million people all over the world suffer from diabetes and the number of those suffering are expected to increase by 2030 twofold.  Diabetes can be seriously costly to families. Doctors visits, hospital stays, medications, etc… Diabetes costs the American families as much as 245 BILLION each year.

Symptoms of Diabetes can include:

  1. Numbness in hands or feet.  Sometimes tingling in those areas as well.
  2. Increased thirst and/or hunger.
  3. Unexplained weight loss
  4. Increased urination
  5. Blurred vision
  6. Wounds that wont heal

Type 1 diabetes can develop quickly with symptoms being noted early on whereas type 2 can develop slowly over time.  Many times a patient may not even know he has or is developing type 2 diabetes until more serious complications have occurred.  People who are overweight, obese or inactive are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes.  Where body fat is located can also contribute to type 2.  Belly fat can be linked to type 2 diabetes as well as vascular disease.  As stated earlier, type 2 usually starts as insulin resistant.  The pancreas begins to work over time to produce insulin, cant make enough over time, and then blood sugar levels rise. Genetics can play a huge part in the development of diabetes as well as certain ethnic groups can have the propensity to be more incline to develop diabetes.

Another form of diabetes is gestational diabetes.  This is a disease or condition that can develop with a pregnancy in Mothers.  Added hormones produced by the placenta can contribute to insulin resistance.  Many mothers bodies can overcome this but some cannot resulting in gestational diabetes.  Gaining too much weight or being overweight before pregnancy can contribute to gestational diabetes.  The pancreas just cant produce enough insulin.

Other contributors to diabetes include genetic mutations such as cystic fibrosis, hormonal diseases as in Cushing’s syndrome and damage or removal of the pancreas as may happen with pancreatic cancer.  Many medications can contribute to the development of the disease as well such as:  niacin, anti-seizure drugs, anti-depressants, HIV drugs, and statins used to treat some heart diseases.

There are many ways to treat diabetes and keep patients healthy.  First of all, a proper diet is the most important thing and keeping weight low.  Sadly, many people will continue to eat as they did before they developed the disease with high sugar and fat content foods therefore increasing the possibility for diabetic sores, amputation, and heart disease so proper nutrition and diet is a must.  Regular, daily, exercise is also extremely important.  Exercise keeps the body active, it reduces stress and blood pressure as well as improves body functions all which contribute to keeping the diabetic healthy.  If insulin production is extremely low or does not exist at all, along with diet and exercise, taking medications such as insulin is a must to regulate the disease however, another avenue to helping those with diabetes is alkalized water and electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve with Electrical Medicine.

Alkalized water can help with digestive issues as well as help the pancreas with insulin production.  The combination of the two, alkalized water and Electrical Medicine can also aid in proper digestion.  They can help the pancreas function better and remove toxins which helps the stomach work better as well.  Microcurrent therapy is being used to increase circulation which helps when diabetes affects the nerves.  It can also help assist in healing of diabetic ulcers and reducing every day pain as a result of complications from diabetes….


Treating Diabetics With Electrical Medicine

By Electrical Medicine Therapy on Incline

Galey Hanna